Your sense of identity, your ego, is a creation of your mind, constructed in the early years of your life.

Beyond the ego is a higher self.  This 'higher self' is who you really are: your True Self.  (In fact, there are intermediate levels of consciousness, but we'll skip those for now.)

As your awareness of your higher (or true) self increases, your life is transformed - genuine equanimity and radical freedom become possible.  What you value now becomes less self-focused.  Since we humans are social beings, external things change too.  Your relationships are enhanced.  More generally, your impact on the wider world is founded on increased kindness and a reverence for all life.  When you function from your higher self your actions are less likely to harm others or the environment.  The wisdom of the higher self may be just what is needed for our evolving and increasingly complex universe.

When we discover our true nature - the ever-present observer (and love itself) - our inner radiance shines out on the world.  Though initially we may be unaware of it or reluctant to admit it, that radiance becomes contagious.  Others become inspired to seek it out for themselves.  This is love as a revolutionary impulse.

With practice, and with your own growing awareness, you see this radiant love reflected in the eyes of everyone you meet.  And they too are reminded once again of their true nature.  Surely that is a practice - and a world - worth cultivating?  (Attribution).

Let's explore this 'higher' way of being.