So much of life is inexplicable.

We can talk about love, but we can't say what love is in its essence.  As mentioned on the Reality page, the same is true of our human appreciation of meaning, of consciousness, feelings, relationships, values, mutual understanding, life itself: we can talk about them, but we can't say what they are.  They're an expression of a mystery underlying existence and being.

The questions are nearly endless.  Apart from subjective judgments, who can say what goodness, truth and beauty are?  Or where inspiration and creativity come from.  Even human creativity is more than a synthesis of previous (perhaps forgotten) experiences and knowledge.  In all genuine creativity, something new emerges.

We don't know what it's like to be another creature or another person.  All we can do is observe them, and speculate about them.  We don't know what their interior life is like.  Similarly with new species.  How do they develop?  There is never a single instance of a new species; it's always a population (however small) that emerges.

What initiated the Big Bang?  The 'Big Bang' refers to that event that brought the material world and space and time into existence.

All of these questions point to something non-material, while at the same time they address issues crucial to our lives.  They point to a dimension of existence that is unmanifest, that is ineffable.  In the past, the mystery was called God, and was interpreted in ways that, with modern understanding, many no longer find credible.  Perhaps a new name is needed, while at the same time recognising that words can't encompass it.  Since we need to talk about it, perhaps 'the Mystery', or 'Spirit', will suffice.

Too often, modern understanding assumes it has the answers.  It focuses almost exclusively on the material, and on science, and ignores the questions raised here.  Some even seek to use science to explain things which are outside its domain: areas which science is not equipped to explain.

In the face of such questions, perhaps our usual certainty is inappropriate.  Openness, and authentic humility seem to be called for.  Anything else is the result of the ego: the sense that we are somebody who knows.  And calming the ego is no easy task, given that we've believed it since childhood, and that for almost all of us it has conditioned our approach to life itself.